Underwater Hockey fins BREIER


Breier underwater hockey fins are made on order, based on your customisation. Please select your footpocket type, hardness and additional options to build the fins of your dreams.



Height of blade : 500 mm
Width of the blade : 240 mm
Surface area of the pair of blades : 1080 cm2
Blade :
– Flat blade for made-to-measure footpocket (free heel)
– Blade with an angle of 15° to fit in full footpocket
– Reinforced blade with a special composite and with an angle of 15° for intercahngeble full footpockets
Weight with made-to-measure footpocket : 1,5 kg
Weight with full footpocket : 1,9 kg
Protection of the leading edge with an elastomer section
T-shaped sections along the edges to ensure a good drive and a channeling of the water

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 30 cm