BREIER CARBON UWH FINS WITH BREIER FOOT POCKET | 60% more responsive than plastic | Blade: CARBON, Epoxy | Foot Pocket: BREIER Taylor made (Option 0)

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BREIER Underwater hockey fins :

Our fins are especially designed to enhance propulsion in underwater hockey fast actions. Foil multi-layers structure can be bend, twisted in all axes with high energetic responsive abilities. The composite materials are carefully chosen in order to give swimmers 3D power propulsion fins with the perfect weight and strength to hold up the challenge of underwater game. Fully protected and approved for competition.

Technology : prepreg
Fabric : high-strength carbon fibre
Resin : epoxy
Performance : 60% more responsive than plastic, 20% more responsive than e-glass.
Height : 500 mm
Width : 240 mm

Hardness :
500B1C5 : soft
500B2C5 : medium
500B3C5 : hard
500B4C5 : very hard

Abrasion resistant layers of elastomer on both sides of the blade.
T profiles on the edges.

Made-to-measure : size from 35 to 50 (3 to 15) neoprene foam pad inside the foot pocket for comfort and protection. They can be used barefoot. Please consult the measurement document available below (in English) (this document is also available in French below) or follow instructions hereafter:


Step 1 : If you usually wear neoprene booties to play, remember to put them on before starting with the foot measurements.
Step 2 : Place a plain piece of paper on the ground flush with a wall (no skirting boards).
Step 3 : Then place your foot flat on the piece of paper with your heel against the wall.
Step 4 : Trace the shape of your foot, holding the pen upright (at 90N to the paper). Repeat for the other foot.
Step 5 : Draw a line across the top of the feet (A – across the big toes), as indicated in Figure 1: The length of the feet.
Step 6 : Measure the distance between this line (A) and the bottom of the page (B) at the heel of the foot (Figure 1).
Step 7 : Record these measurements (A-B) in the boxes below: Lenght – LEFT RIGHT
Step 8 : Keeping your neoprene booties on and your foot flat on the floor, now take a measuring tape to determine the following measurements.
Step 9 : Measure the circumference of the foot from the highest part on top of the foot (Figure 2 : C & the instep) around the hollowed out/indented part of the foot (Figure 2 : D). Repeat for the other foot.
Step 10 : Record these measurements (C & D) in the boxes below: Circumference – LEFT RIGHT

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Dimensions 85 × 23 × 9 cm